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We value results-driven strategy above all else.

Datenwerk is a lean Bulgarian digital agency with strong Austrian roots.


We are a team of digital natives who walk side-by-side with companies in their brand entrepreneurial journey to business growth.


Our means of travel is to deliver bespoke customer experience with focus on ROI and a sharp creative approach.


Brand Ecosystem Audit & Customer Journey Analytics

Is your presence visible? Are you leading your customers clearly?


Audience & Customer Data Analysis

Are you talking to the right people?


Digital Strategy Consulting & Development

How can you focus your efforts?


Sharp Insight-driven Creative Execution

How can you present your brand best to the digital world?

Audience Definition

We answer the question “Who should you talk to?” in order to have the biggest impact on your brand’s results.

Brand Ecosystem Design

Where should your brand be? We help you design the best ecosystem that will create an effective customer experience.

Brand Story Building

What should your brand say? We apply a sharp insights-driven creative approach to spread your brand’s messages.

Customer Experience Planning

How should you communicate your message? We design a bespoke customer journey to strenghten people’s connection to your brand.

KPI Modelling & Goal Setting

What could you expect as a result of the strategy? We focus on the connection between communications & business goals.

Demand Generation

We can help you attract consumers’ eyes and raise awareness.

Brand Storytelling

We can help you deliver an on-spot message to the right audience and with the right creative.

Audience Development

Together we can reach the right audience and grow an engaged community.

Conversion Optimization

Sales should not come second. We can help you effectively convert users and thus meet your business objectives.

Advocacy Nurturing

Turn your audience and selected influencers into a loyal brand advocates througout the digital landscape.

Experience Automation

Further ease the consumer journey and maximize results.

Results Analysis

Track and analyse both communications and business results to make sure our strategy is as fruitful as possible.

Learnings Gathering

A deep dive into the execution and the customer journey in order to gather key insights on how to best focus our efforts in the future.

Strategy Optimization

Implement key learnings & insights in our customer experience strategy and set new goals. 

Continuous Journey

Regroup and start again. We will make sure our long-term partnership is as lean and effective as possible.

Bobby Petrov

Managing Director

Yoana Kirilova

Digital Strategist

Philip Dimitrov

Digital Storyteller

Dennitsa Teneva

Digital Storyteller